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Permitted Range of Building Design

As per our ASTTBC registration and certifications, our permitted range in providing professional building design services falls within the  BC Building Code (current edition) Division B, Part 9 - Housing and Small Buildings.

Division A - Part 1, Article Application of Part 9:

Part 9 of Division B applies to all buildings described in Article of 3-storey or less in building height, having a building area not exceeding 600m² [6458.3 sf] footprint, and used for major occupancies classified as:

  • Group C - residential occupancies single-family dwelling detached, up to four (4) multi-family dwelling unit buildings.

  • Group D - business and personal services occupancies (commercial), not exceeding 470m² [5059.0 sf].

  • Group E - mercantile occupancies (commercial), not exceeding 470m² [5059.0 sf], or

  • Group F - Division 2 and 3, medium and low-hazard occupancies (industrial), not exceeding 470m² [5059.0 sf].

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